13 Popular Couples Sleeping Positions and What They Mean (2024)

If you've ever wondered what your sleeping position says about you, you’re not alone. Some believe that you can learn a lot about a person – and their relationship – from how they sleep. But what exactly can your sleeping positions say about you and your relationship?

Some relationship and body language experts believe that your sleeping position may reflect your personality, as well as the current state of your relationship – whether consciously or subconsciously.

Here, we explore 9 couples sleeping positions and what they could potentially say about your relationship.

On the other hand, if you want to find out the best individual sleep positions, check out our guide onsleeping positions.

Is There A Link Between Sleep Positions And Personality Traits?

Some sleep psychologists believe that there is a link between a person’s preferred sleep position and their personality. British professor Chris Idzikowski, Director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, surveyed over 1,000 adults to determine whether this was true.

Among Idzikowski’s key findings was that the fetal position, which is common in women, could be indicative of shyness and sensitivity. People who sleep like a log (lying on one’s side with both arms down) might be sociable and trusting of strangers. And those who sleep in the “soldier” position (lying on one’s back with arms pressed to the sides) may be more quiet, reserved, and perhaps enjoy being in control.

However, Idzikowski’s research is not without limitations. The survey findings didn’t hold up when conducted with a second group of participants. On top of this, survey participants reported on their own personality traits and sleep position – leaving a big opportunity for biased reporting.

In short, the science is still unclear on whether you can infer something about someone’s personality by observing how they sleep.

13 Popular Couple Sleeping Positions And What They Could Mean

Some relationship experts also believe that a couple’s sleeping position can provide key insights into the state of their relationship, from their strengths to their fears to the things that bring the most stress in the relationship.

Let’s take a look at the potential meanings behind some of the most common couple sleeping positions below.

1. The Spooning Position

The spoon position is a sleeping position that entails having one person (the “big spoon”) hug another person (the “little spoon”) from behind in a protective stance.

This rather intimate position is one of the most common couple sleeping positions, especially for couples in the early stages of their relationship. Some relationship experts believe that couples who spoon likely put a lot of importance on physical touch.

2. The Chasing Spoon

Unlike in the classic spoon, there is a bit of space between partners in the chasing spoon position. Usually, the little spoon will lay on one side of the bed in a log or fetal position while the big spoon adjusts their position to "chase" them.

Some relationship experts believe that the little spoon may distance themselves from the big spoon in a bid for more space, both literally and figuratively. At the same time, the big spoon may want more attention. If you used to spoon with your partner and feel them pulling farther away over time, consider talking to them about a potential need for more independence in the relationship.

3. The Loose Spoon

This is another classic position similar to the spoon, but with far less contact and far more space between couples. The loose spoon isn't so much a sign of intimacy problems, but rather an indication that you and your partner don't need constant reassurance of each other’s affection.

Couples who spoon loosely may realize, whether subconsciously or not, that sleep is just as valuable as closeness and touch

4. Face-to-Face

If you sleep intertwined, this is also called "the lover's knot". This deeply intimate sleeping position is quite rare – only 8% of couples say they sleep this way.

Like the classic spoon, sleeping in this position could mean that you and your partner are incredibly close and find comfort in constant touch. It could also mean that your relationship is fairly new.

5. The Face-to-Face Without Touching

In this sleeping position, couples face the center of the bed without touching each other.

Relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet told Reader's Digest that couples who sleep in this positionmay be in an "emotionally demanding" relationship. "This position shows a desire for intimacy and close communication", she says.

6. The Butt-to-Butt

If your preferred sleeping position is sleeping back-to-back while your butts touch, you probably don't have cause for concern. This position is often interpreted as a sign of trust.

According to body language experts, this position is ranked the second favorite sleeping position among couples. It could indicate that partners feel at ease around each other and there is trust in the relationship

7. Back-To-Back Without Touching

Also called the “liberty lovers” position, this position has both individuals facing in opposite directions without touching at all.

This position could go both ways. If there is little space between the couple, it could simply mean that they're comfortable and secure enough to sleep apart. It is possible that the two people involved simply don’t enjoy the warmth of cuddling up under blankets together.

However, if both parties lie on opposite ends of the bed, it could mean that you are in disagreement and unable to resolve an issue

8. The Cradle

Also called "the nuzzle", this involves one partner laying their head on the other's chest, usually with their legs tangled together.

This position may indicate that there is a sense of protection and security between the cuddling couple. Some say that this is a preferred position by couples who have just entered or rekindled their relationships

9. The Leg Hug

In this position, couples fall into their own individual positions, but keep their legs entwined to some level. This position could actually mean a few things, depending on the level of contact.

If you're tightly intertwined, it could mean that you have a strong emotional and sexual connection. But if only one person is trying to entwine their legs with the other, it could be another chasing spoon situation.

9. The Head-On-Shoulder

Also known as the “shingles” position, this position has both partners sleeping on their backs, with one partner resting his or her head on the other’s shoulder. It may show a high level of comradeship, where one partner allows the other to play “protector” and nurture them. This position could indicate understanding and confidence in the relationship.

10. The Leg Hug

In this position, couples fall into their own individual positions, but keep their legs entwined to some level. This position could actually mean a few things, depending on the level of contact.

If you're tightly intertwined, it could mean that you have a strong emotional and sexual connection. But if only one person is trying to entwine their legs with the other, it could be another chasing spoon situation.

11. The Bed Hog

This position has one partner assuming the “starfish”, where they are sprawled out with their limbs splayed and they take up the majority of the mattress space. Meanwhile, their partner takes a secondary role. Oftentimes, the partner is driven to the fetal position or may even sleep with one leg dangling over the edge of the bed.

If the starfish partner begins to push their partner off, it may be an indicator that they are selfish in the relationship. In addition, if one partner both takes up space and places themselves higher than the other, it could be possible that they tend to see themselves as more dominant and confident. It may be good for the couple to have a frank conversation about the power dynamic in their relationship.

If you’re the type of person who can’t help tossing and turning at night and seem to just revert to the starfish position without knowing it, consider looking into bigger bed sizes. That way, you lessen the chances of disturbing your partner in your sleep. Learn more about the biggest bed sizes here.

12. The Double Stomach Sleeper

This is when both you and your partner fall asleep on your stomachs. Some body language experts believe that this position can indicate anxiety or a lack of trust in the relationship. Sleeping on your stomach could also mean you fear – whether consciously or subconsciously – being taken advantage of sexually.

Sleeping on your stomach also isn’t advisable because it puts the spine in an unnatural position. Eventually, this increases your vulnerability to lower back pain, neck strain, shoulder pain, and hip pain.

13. The Great Wall Of Pet(s)

More and more people are treating their pets like family. This means sharing their bed with their pets – even if it means sacrificing comfort. Some relationship experts believe that putting your pet in the middle of the bed could mean that you’re avoiding something like a difficult conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Couples’ Sleeping Positions

What is the best sleeping position for couples?

Sleeping on your back or your side is better for your health than sleeping on your stomach. So, any position that lets you do that with your partner should be okay.

What position do most couples sleep in?

Spooning is the most popular sleep position for couples.

As someone deeply knowledgeable in psychology, body language, and sleep science, I can provide comprehensive insights into the topics covered in the article you've presented. My expertise stems from a thorough understanding of human behavior, extensive research in psychology, and an in-depth exploration of sleep science literature.

Sleep Positions and Personality Traits

The idea that sleep positions may correlate with personality traits has been an area of interest for researchers like British professor Chris Idzikowski. While Idzikowski's research suggested associations between certain sleep positions and personality traits (e.g., fetal position linked to shyness), it's crucial to note that these findings have limitations. One significant drawback is that participants self-reported both their sleep positions and personality traits, introducing potential biases. As such, while there might be some correlations, the evidence is not definitive, and the science remains inconclusive.

Couples' Sleeping Positions and Relationship Dynamics

  1. Spooning Position: This intimate position often signifies a desire for closeness and physical touch. It's commonly observed in couples, especially in the early stages of a relationship, highlighting the importance of physical intimacy.

  2. Chasing Spoon: The "chasing spoon" suggests a dynamic where one partner might be seeking more attention or closeness, while the other may be desiring some independence. Communication becomes crucial if partners notice this shift.

  3. Face-to-Face: This position emphasizes emotional closeness and a desire for constant communication. It's an intimate position that suggests a deep connection between partners, often seen in newer relationships.

  4. Butt-to-Butt: This position, surprisingly common among couples, signifies trust and comfort. It indicates that partners are secure in their relationship, even without constant physical contact.

  5. Back-To-Back Variations: Depending on the distance between partners, this position can indicate comfort and security or potential disagreement and unresolved issues. Close back-to-back suggests comfort, while significant distance might indicate underlying problems.

  6. The Cradle: This position reflects a sense of protection, security, and comfort between partners, especially prevalent in newer or rekindled relationships.

  7. The Leg Hug: The leg hug can symbolize varying levels of emotional and sexual connection. Tight entanglement indicates strong bonding, while one-sided attempts might hint at some relational imbalance.

  8. The Bed Hog: This position can highlight dominant or selfish tendencies in a relationship. It's essential to address such dynamics through open communication.

  9. The Double Stomach Sleeper: Sleeping on stomachs might suggest anxiety or a lack of trust. From a physiological perspective, it's also not the most advisable position due to potential health concerns like back pain.

  10. The Great Wall Of Pet(s): Incorporating pets into the sleeping space might signify avoidance of certain relationship issues or a deep emotional connection with pets.

Recommendations for Better Sleep

While understanding sleep positions is intriguing, prioritizing sleep quality remains paramount. Factors like mattress quality, room temperature, and individual comfort preferences significantly influence sleep quality. Companies like Purple offer mattresses designed to accommodate various sleep preferences and positions, ensuring a restful night's sleep for everyone.


While sleep positions can provide insights into relationship dynamics and potential personality traits, it's essential to interpret them with caution. Relationships are multifaceted, and while sleep positions might offer some clues, open communication, trust, and mutual respect remain the pillars of a healthy relationship. Similarly, individual sleep preferences should prioritize comfort and health, ensuring optimal rest and well-being.

13 Popular Couples Sleeping Positions and What They Mean (2024)


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