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2 BOATS ONE PRICE .... The first photo is from 1979 or later, and how she could look today when cleaned up. The 2nd & 3rd exterior photos are what she looks today.....BC Ferries hired Canoe Cove Yachts in Sidney, BC to build Dogwood Princess 11, to Transport Canada passenger vessel construction standards (now named Ava Marie) in 1979 to replace the original vessel and to expand capacity on its route. Dogwood Princess II only operated on route 13 (Langdale - Gambier Island - Keats Island, BC). The vessel had its original Twin engines replaced with 2 more powerful Volvo engines to increase operating speed. Along with the new main engines, BC Ferries spent a fortune on new wiring, HDPE tankage, plumbing and batteries, etc , etc.

Route 13 was an outlier in the BC Ferries system, being a passenger-only route with no replacement vessel readily available should Dogwood Princess II need maintenance. On May 1st 2003, operations were contracted out to Kona Winds Yacht Charters, who operated the route with their own vessel Stormaway. BC Ferries then put Dogwood Princess II up for sale asking CAD 85,000, and was eventually sold to the current owners father, a few years later for CAD 66,000. The owners father then installed all the NEW equipment currently onboard that has hardly been used.

Potential vessel use options:

1a) Mobile marine or residential repair service, any trades person could add a generator, welder, air compressor tank and material storage rack, to the heavily built Aluminium swim platform. Cruise to remote areas were trades people are hard to find. Repair and build anything.

a) A liv-aboard vessel, ready now with all the new equipment, nothing to add.

b) A liv-aboard combo of ship's crew or general personnel transport vessel, by adding one Port side row of double seating for 10 - 12 or more.

c) Floating office and liv-aboard combo: Yacht brokerage office...kayak..small power & row boat...rental offices...etc etc etc..

d) Remove and sell all of the galley equipment and counters plus the couch. Install Port & Stb'd seating for a larger personnel capacity.

e) Return to CDN ferry service, or investigate USCG small passenger service and / or commuter vessel standards. This vessel is still registered as a PASSENGER vessel with Transport Canada Ship Registry. (see registry certificate scan). The changes from the original passenger vessel standards are the life raft removal, and galley installations. See BC Ferries passenger vessel exterior brochure photo in this listing.

f) Mobile marine retail supply vessel: I started on Great Lakes bulk freighters at age 18 in 1965. We hauled bulk grain from the head of Lake Superior, then named Fort William to Lake Michigan, and up the Calumet river to unload in South Chicago. Retail supply boats, then called "Bum Boats" came along side so the freighter crews could buy a huge variety of personal supplies, instead of going up town in a taxi $$$, or couldn't get off watch in time. Technology today makes this even simpler.

English Bay in Vancouver BC, always has at least 15-18 freighters at anchor waiting to load and unload in Burrard Inlet, along with 7 additional anchorages there. There is a serious retail opportunity in many Ports for a new and creative Ava Marie owner, to "think outside the box".

I am sure Seattle and many other US anchorages on the West coast have even more vessels waiting to load and unload.

g) Waterfront Cafe: many yacht harbours and marinas have them.

h) Tiny House: truck Ava Marie to an empty lot. She is ready for off the grid living now.

Current used retail value of the onboard equipment:

Furuno Radar Display & Dome…. 4500 (all items sales tax extra)
Dickinson Caribbean propane stove - 2200 (like new)

Dickinson Adriatic diesel flat top stove - 3800 (like new)

Drolet Wood stove…. 1200

Charge Master 12/50 battery charger….1200 (like new)

100 watt Solar Panel kit ….400.00 (like new)

Flat screen TV….200

Batteries… 3000

Eccotemp on demand propane water heater… CTC 400.00 (like new)

Main Engine x 2….15,000 each (conservative estimate)

Twin Disc gears x 2…. 15,000 each (conservative estimate)

2” shafts x 2 ….1500 each (like new)

2 x bronze props….1000 each

11'-6" Boston Whaler centre council dinghy….5000 with 20 hp Johnson O/B

Helm chair…..500 (like new)

IKEA queen sofa bed..800 (like new)

****Search Canoe Cove, used, power, on boats.com for more photos and full specs.



41' Canoe Cove former passenger vessel ** WHAT A DEAL -2 boats ** - boats - by owner - marine sale - craigslist (2024)


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