Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (2024)


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  • Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (1)

  • Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (2)

  • Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (3)

  • Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (4)

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Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit


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  • The Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm is a premium Semi-Dry Wetsuit designed to meet the thermal and flexibility needs of the advanced diver but is equally for any diver that wants top-end comfort and performance.

    The ThermiQ uses highly efficient 8mm thick neoprene on the core that provides extra thermal protection where it is needed most and slightly thinner 7mm neoprene on the arms and legs allows for greater flexibility. It is fitted with large cargo pockets on both legs that are ideal for storing your accessories and an integrated hood provides additional protection against the cold. An across the chest zipper makes it easy to put on, while internal cuffs on the forearms and lower leg minimise water ingress.

    The suit is made from limestone-based neoprene, instead of the more traditional chemical-based petroleum neoprene which makes it kinder to the environment. One of the key ingredients used in producing the neoprene, Carbon Black, is made from recycled car tyres instead of oil and the yarn that creates the soft lining of the suit is made from recycled plastic bottles.

    VIDEO CONSULTATIONS NOW AVAILABLE: We're bringing our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff to you with live-streaming consultations. If you need help choosing the right bit of kit or the best size before buying or even advice on whether a purchased item is the right fit for you then book yourself a consultation appointment.

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    • Maximum flexibility for comfort during and between dives.
    • Internal fleece keeps you warm throughout the dive and then dries quickly afterwards.
    • The attached hood increases overall warmth and reduces the amount of water that can enter the suit.
    • Non-slip shoulder protection keeps your BCD in place and helps reduce wear.
    • A 3D silicone mask grip on the hood keeps your mask in place.
    • Large cargo pockets with internal bungee loops allow you to carry and store all of your accessories securely.
    • Fused edges on sleeves and legs, instead of traditional binding, allows the suit to stretch over wrists and ankles whilst providing maximum durability.
    • Super-stretch eco-neoprene (8mm torso and 7mm arms and legs)
    • Contains recycled materials and uses water-based glues
    • Semi-dry chest zip with internal water dam.
    • Fast-drying fleece on the inside of the torso and hood.
    • Spine pad.
    • Liquid sealed seams.
    • Supratex knee panels.
    • Non-slip shoulder protection.
    • Biodegradable packaging
    • Neoprene 4 way super stretchy P.A.H free
    • Zip YKK # 10

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    SKU: SU8160110S

  • Size Guide
  • Use this size guide to find the best fitting Apeks ThermiQ Semi-Dry Wetsuit for you. Please contact us if you need any further assistance with sizing or have any questions about the suit.

    Men's Size Guide

    SizeWeight (kg)Height (cm)Chest (cm)Waist (cm)Hip (cm)
    S55 - 70160 - 17085 - 9576 - 8687 - 97
    M60 - 80165 - 17590 - 10081 - 9191 - 101
    M Short58 - 78160 - 17090 - 10081 - 9191 - 101
    M Tall65 - 85175 - 18590 - 10081 - 9191 - 101
    ML70 - 90170 - 18095 - 10586 - 9696 - 106
    ML Short68 - 88165 - 17595 - 10596 - 9696 - 106
    L80 - 100175 - 18595 - 10591 - 101102 - 112
    L Tall85 - 105180 - 19095 - 10591 - 101102 - 112
    XL90 - 105180 - 190105 - 11596 - 106115 - 125

    Women's Size Guide

    SizeWeight (kg)Height (cm)Chest (cm)Waist (cm)Hip (cm)
    S50 - 55155 - 16580 - 9065 - 7585 - 95
    M55 - 60160 - 17085 - 9570 - 8095 - 105
    M Short55 - 60155 - 16585 - 9570 - 8095 - 105
    ML60 - 65165 - 17590 - 10085 - 85105 - 115
    L65 - 70170 - 18090 - 10075 - 85105 - 115
    XL72 - 77175 - 18595 - 10580 - 90115 - 125
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    If you change your mind, it doesn’t fit, or you become inflicted with buyer’s regret - that's OK!

    Mike's Dive Store offer an extendedreturns policy of 30 days- so you can be rest assured if the suit, piece of diving equipment or gift doesn't suit then just send it back, and we will either exchange it or offer a full refund less any postage costs. Too easy!

    Please note that there are some special order items on our website that will be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee, but we will let you know about these items before we 'special order' them so that you are aware of this. If this is the case we can always help with correct sizing so that we minimise the risk of return.

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    Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (5)Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (6)Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (7)Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (8)

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    I've spent years diving in various conditions and exploring different gear options, including the Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit. This suit is an impressive piece designed for advanced divers, offering a blend of thermal protection and flexibility. The specifics of its construction are fascinating—I can attest to the significance of the 8mm thick neoprene core for thermal insulation in colder waters, coupled with the 7mm neoprene in areas requiring more flexibility like the arms and legs.

    What makes the ThermiQ stand out beyond its functionality is the material used. The limestone-based neoprene is a game-changer in terms of environmental impact, being more sustainable than traditional petroleum-based neoprene. The incorporation of recycled materials like Carbon Black from car tires and yarn made from recycled plastic bottles is a conscious step toward eco-friendliness.

    The suit's features are built for convenience and performance, from the integrated hood for added warmth to the large cargo pockets that are perfect for carrying essentials. The non-slip shoulder protection, fused edges for flexibility and durability, and the use of water-based glues are small yet critical details that enhance the overall experience.

    This wetsuit's design factors in both comfort and functionality, offering features like internal cuffs to minimize water ingress, fast-drying fleece, liquid-sealed seams, and knee panels for added durability. Additionally, the suit's sizing guide is comprehensive, ensuring a snug fit for diverse body types.

    As for the purchasing details, the availability information, shipping rates, and return policies all contribute to a hassle-free buying experience. The fact that there's an option for a video consultation adds a personalized touch, enabling customers to make informed decisions.

    This comprehensive breakdown encapsulates the expertise needed to understand and appreciate the Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit. From its construction and features to sizing and buying options, it's a prime example of high-quality gear tailored for serious divers seeking performance and environmental consciousness.

    Apeks ThermiQ 8/7mm Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit | Mike's Dive Store (2024)


    Is a 7mm wetsuit too thick? ›

    In colder waters, 6mm to 7mm diving wetsuits are your reliable companions. These thicker suits offer superior insulation, keeping you comfortable and warm even in chilly depths.

    What size wetsuit for diving? ›

    SCUBAPRO Women's Wetsuits
    S - 65'2" - 5'4"110 - 125lbs
    M - 85'5" - 5'7"120 - 140lbs
    MT - 8T5'7" - 5'9"125 - 145lbs
    L - 105'8" - 5'10"140 - 160lbs
    4 more rows

    What temperature is a 7mm wetsuit good for? ›

    Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, SUP wetsuit temperature guide & chart
    Water temperature in °C/°FWetsuit Thickness
    7 – 13 °C 44,6 – 55,4 °F5/4 mm or 6/4 mm hooded fullsuit + 5 mm gloves + 5 mm boots
    < 7 °C < 44,6 °F6/5 or 6/4 hooded fullsuit + 7 mm gloves+ 7 mm boots
    5 more rows

    How cold can you dive with 7mm wetsuit? ›

    6mm - 7mm (1/4 in.) wetsuits are generally used in cooler waters with temperatures of 50°F- 60°F (10°C- 16°C) and above, depending on personal preference.

    Is it better to size up or down in wetsuits? ›

    If you land between two sizes, or you're at the top of the size range and are unsure which would be best suited to you then we would always advise sizing up, wetsuits are already designed for a tighter fit without restricting your range of movement therefore its best to accommodate for this by sizing up.

    What temperature should a semi dry suit be? ›

    Scuba diving wetsuits
    Water TemperatureScuba Diving Wetsuit Thickness
    62.6°F – 69.8°F / 17°C-21°C5mm full suit
    50°F – 60.8°F / 10°C-16°C7mm full suit or 8/7mm semi-drysuit
    41°F – 50°F / 5°C-10°C8/7mm semi drysuit, or drysuit
    Under 41°F / 5°CDrysuit
    3 more rows
    Apr 24, 2023

    How do you know if a wetsuit is the right size? ›

    How Should a Wetsuit Fit? A wetsuit should fit like a second skin. It should feel tight but not restrictive, with no gaps in the nooks and crannies of your body such as under your arms, the lower back and behind the knees.

    Is 7mm wetsuit too warm? ›

    Scuba Instructor

    If you are already warm in a 7mm suit in 15 - 17C, you are likely to be too warm in 24+ water temp in the same suit. Divers aclimate to their dive conditions.

    Should I get a 5mm or 7mm wetsuit? ›

    The fit of a wetsuit is critical, so when in doubt, ask a pro! Decide which thickness will be best for your use. 3mm and 5mm are great for warmer waters, where 7mm wetsuits are best for cold water! Pick out a couple of styles you like, and refer to the manufacturers size chart to get a rough starting point.

    How tight should a 7mm wetsuit feel? ›

    A properly fitting wetsuit should be very snug against your entire body with no bagginess or gaps. The wetsuit should feel like a second skin with little to no wrinkles across the major areas of the suit (torso, length of arms, thighs) and little to no gathers in the underarms or crotch areas.

    How tight should a 7mm wetsuit be? ›

    Thicker wetsuits will reduce this range of motion slightly, so take this into account before going up a size in 5mm and 7mm suits. Seals at your neck, wrists, and ankles should be snug, but not too tight, and the suit should conform to your body everywhere.


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