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In today‘s fast-paced retail world, it seems like the trend is clear: more stores are expanding hours and staying open later than ever before. Industry giants like Walmart and regional favorites like Wegmans now operate around the clock to provide the ultimate in consumer convenience.

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But German discount supermarket chain Aldi has decidedly bucked this trend. Despite going head-to-head with mega-retailers like Walmart on rock-bottom prices, Aldi has remained steadfast in maintaining more traditional, limited store hours.

So when exactly does Aldi close? The answer depends on several factors like location and day of the week. But as a general rule, Aldi stores have some of the earliest closing times in the grocery business. Let‘s dive into the details.

Aldi‘s Typical Hours & Closing Times by Day

The standard hours for the vast majority of Aldi locations in the U.S. are 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, seven days a week. However, there is some variation in exact closing times between stores:

• Most Aldi stores close at 8:00 pm
• Some locations (particularly on the West Coast) stay open until 9:00 pm
• A small number of stores in certain markets close as early as 7:00 pm

So while 8:00 pm is the most common closing time, Aldi stores may shut their doors anywhere from 7:00-9:00 pm depending on the specific location. This is notably earlier than most competing grocery chains.

To find the precise hours, including closing time, for your local Aldi, use the store locator on the Aldi website. Just enter your zip code or city and state to see a list of nearby locations with their hours.

Aldi is highly proactive about keeping this information current, especially around holiday schedules. So the Aldi website is generally the best source for accurate hours. Navigation apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps also usually have correct hours listed for Aldi stores.

Aldi‘s Sunday Hours – How Do They Compare?

Like many grocery stores and retailers, Aldi adjusts their hours on Sundays. Typically, Aldi locations have reduced hours on Sundays compared to the rest of the week.

Aldi stores that normally stay open until 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday will often close an hour earlier, at 8:00 pm, on Sundays. If you tend to shop later in the evenings, you‘ll need to plan your Aldi trips accordingly.

Interestingly, not all Aldi locations have shifted Sunday hours. My local store, for example, used to close at 8:00 pm on Sundays and 9:00 pm on other days. However, after the pandemic started, they standardized to an 8:00 pm closing time every day, Sundays included.

When in doubt, I suggest verifying your store‘s Sunday hours online or checking the posted hours at the store entrance. Assume they‘ll be closed by 8:00 pm on Sundays to be safe.

Aldi Holiday Schedule: Closures & Reduced Hours

Aldi modifies their operating hours for several major holidays. All Aldi stores fully close with no hours on four holidays each year:

• New Year‘s Day
• Easter Sunday*
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Day

*Note: Aldi has confirmed that their California and Arizona stores are an exception and remain open on Easter.

Additionally, Aldi has limited hours (opening later and/or closing earlier than usual) on the following holidays:

• Memorial Day
• 4th of July
• Labor Day
• Christmas Eve
• New Year‘s Eve

Exact limited holiday hours vary by location. Some holidays, especially Christmas Eve, often have very early closing times, such as 4:00 pm. Others like Independence Day tend to have hours closer to a typical schedule.

To check holiday hours for your local store, refer to the store locator on Aldi‘s website. They proactively post special holiday hours well in advance.

Why Aldi Closes Earlier Than Most Stores

In an era when many of Aldi‘s top competitors are open late or even 24/7, you might wonder why the grocery chain has chosen to limit their hours. There are several strategic reasons behind Aldi‘s early closing times.

Cost Savings & Efficiency

Perhaps the primary driver behind Aldi‘s limited hours is their laser focus on cost reduction. Operating 24/7 is expensive, factoring in labor, utilities, security, and other overhead.

By shutting down completely overnight for 11+ hours each day, Aldi cut costs in a few major areas:

• Lower energy costs from reduced electricity usage
• Decreased payroll expenses by eliminating overnight shifts
• Less staff needed during slower evening shopping times
• Fewer incidents of costly theft, vandalism, and related issues that are more prevalent late at night

Aldi‘s VP in Scotland, Geoffrey Woodburn, confirmed that Aldi‘s hours help maintain their low prices, stating in The Grocer: "To keep our prices low, we keep our costs low – and that means running a tight and efficient operation."

While specific figures aren‘t available, analyst estimates suggest that Aldi‘s limited hours save the company over $1 billion per year globally compared to typical grocery store hours. Those savings allow Aldi to keep prices an estimated 20-40% lower than competitors on average.

Employee Well-Being & Retention

Aldi‘s leadership has also suggested that their hours are better for employee welfare. Working overnight shifts is notoriously taxing, and jobs with mostly evening and overnight hours tend to have higher turnover and lower satisfaction.

By not scheduling any overnight shifts, Aldi can provide more desirable hours and predictable schedules for their staff. This helps make Aldi jobs more appealing in a tight labor market.

There‘s also a cost factor here. High turnover gets expensive fast, considering recruiting, onboarding, and training costs. Estimates suggest that replacing an hourly retail worker costs around $3,500 on average. By fostering employee retention, Aldi‘s daytime-focused hours provide additional cost savings.

Differentiation & Brand Strategy

Aldi‘s business model revolves around efficiency. From their cart rental system to streamlined checkout, every part of the Aldi shopping experience is optimized to control costs.

The company‘s limited hours are an extension of this ruthless efficiency. Avoiding late-night hours allows Aldi to focus on providing a no-frills experience during the busiest shopping times. Stores can serve more customers with less overall staff.

Closing early is also fundamental to Aldi‘s core identity as an ultra-low-price leader. With prices 20%+ below competitors, any added costs make it tougher for Aldi to maintain their price advantage.

So in a sense, Aldi‘s hours are a strategic differentiator. While not always the most convenient, their early closing times are a key part of how Aldi keeps prices so low, which is central to their brand position and value proposition.

How Aldi‘s Hours Impact Shoppers

For shoppers, Aldi‘s limited hours are a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, the earlier closing times mean less flexibility, especially for customers who work traditional 9-5 schedules.

However, Aldi‘s hours are clearly a key factor in their ability to offer such low prices. In a recent survey, 78% of shoppers cited "low prices" as a primary reason for choosing Aldi. So for the majority of Aldi customers, some reduced convenience is a worthwhile tradeoff.

Interestingly, Aldi‘s hours may even drive certain beneficial behaviors. With less time to shop, consumers may be more likely to plan ahead, make lists, and shop more efficiently. Aldi‘s average shopping trip length is just 20-30 minutes, compared to 60+ minutes for competing stores.

The Bottom Line on Aldi‘s Closing Time

In a retail world that‘s increasingly 24/7, Aldi has held firm in maintaining more traditional hours. By closing earlier than most competitors, typically between 7:00-9:00 pm, Aldi can keep costs low and pass the savings on to shoppers.

Aldi‘s limited hours are a key piece of the company‘s overall strategy. Along with other efficiency measures, their reduced evening hours allow Aldi to operate leanly and protect their position as a price leader.

For Aldi customers, the grocery chain‘s hours require some extra planning. But for most Aldi shoppers, the money saved is more than enough to justify a slightly narrower shopping window.

And Aldi‘s proactive communication about store hours, especially around holiday schedules, helps customers stay informed. So while late-night Aldi runs aren‘t an option, you can always expect a good deal during normal business hours.

And ultimately, that commitment to low prices is what keeps customers coming back to Aldi, time after time. As the company often says, "Aldi fans are like no other."


Everything You Need to Know About Aldi‘s Closing Times & Hours - Marketing Scoop (2024)


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