Summer Bucket List Ideas: 123 Fun Summer Date Ideas for Couples - Francisca's Bridal (2024)

Who is excited and ready for the upcoming summer season?

If you were looking for summer date ideas to add to your summer bucket list, then check out these SUPER fun date ideas to help inspire you!!

The summer season is one of the best seasons because of the beautiful weather and all the fun activities and delicious treats to eat.

Summer is also a perfect time to plan fun dates with your partner!

Whether you were looking for a summer date night in, outdoor summer date ideas, budget friendly date ideas, or cooking date ideas, then I’ve got you covered!

Because down below, you will find 123 different summer date ideas that you are going to want to add to your summer bucket list!

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Page Contents

  • Summer Bucket List Ideas
    • May Summer Date Ideas for Couples
    • June Summer Date Ideas for Couples
    • July Summer Date Ideas for Couples
    • August Summer Date Ideas for Couples

Summer Bucket List Ideas

If you want to see more couple date ideas or bucket list ideas, then on myTikTokandPinterest there are many more ideas to help inspire you!

May Summer Date Ideas for Couples

1. Make a summer playlist

2. Make a summer date jar

3. Grow a mini garden outside or inside in mason jars

4. Watch the sunrise

5. Have a staycation weekend

6. Decorate your house, apartment, or bedroom

7. Paint pottery

8. Go on a nature walk

9. Have an outdoor picnic

10. Go berry picking

11. Go to a farmers’ market

12. Have a massage date

13. Enjoy the day at the zoo

14. Create a nice dinner together

15. Make a backyard movie theater

16. Attend a local festival

17. Visit a flea market or a thrift store

18. Go to a state park

19. Spend a day at the pool

20. Have a wings and wine or wings and beer movie date night

21. Go axe throwing

22. Do a yoga session outside

23. Get temporary tattoos

24. Go boating

25. Have a game night

26. Go on a morning run or morning walk together

27. Make breakfast in bed

28. Go on a scenic drive

29. Try a new cuisine or a new restaurant

30. Go to IKEA

31. Eat at some food trucks

June Summer Date Ideas for Couples

1. Tie die something

2. Make a giant slip n slide in your backyard

3. Chalk your driveway

4. Have a water balloon fight

5. Have a bonfire and make s’mores

6. Go mini golfing

7. Attend a summer themed paint and sip, which if you are unfamiliar with this it is a painting class where your drink wine (or a mocktail) while you paint. You can also easily do this at home which would be cheaper as well

8. Go to a concert

9. Find a waterfall

10. Have a couples’ spa day

11. Go to an amusem*nt park

12. Have a sushi date or make sushi rolls together

13. Spend the weekend at a luxury hotel

14. Make a charcuterie board together

15. Go skinny dipping at night

16. Cuddle in a hammock

17. Go on a road trip

18. Make homemade popsicles

19. Go surfing together or paddle boarding

20. Be a tourist in your own city or in a new city

21. Go kart racing

22. Go to a bed and breakfast for the weekend

23. Go on a ghost tour or a haunted history tour

24. Recreate your first date together

25. Do a color run together

26. Have a day road trip by going to a nearby town

27. Make snow cones together

28. Go and see some live music

29. Have a fondue night

30. Solve a murder mystery

July Summer Date Ideas for Couples

1. Build a sandcastle

2. Light off fireworks

3. Have a Fourth of July date

4. Go late night swimming

5. Have a lake day

6. Create a backyard Olympics or wipeout

7. Spend the day at the beach

8. Go to a baseball game

9. Go tubing

10. Go to a fireworks show

11. Make root beer floats

12. Have a beach volleyball day

13. Make a refreshing summer drink together

14. Have an outdoor barbecue

15. Go snorkeling or scuba diving

16. Go to a vineyard and taste wine together

17. Go to a water park

18. Make homemade pizzas together

19. Have an arts and crafts day

20. Play cornhole together

21. Go to a coffee shop and have a coffee date

22. Go glamping

23. Take a bus tour of a city

24. Go peach picking

25. Make some recipes with your freshly picked peaches

26. Have a karaoke night

27. Go and ride ATVs or four wheelers

28. Book a cooking class or some type of couples class to do together

29. Go sightseeing

30. Video game night

31. Finger food date night

August Summer Date Ideas for Couples

1. Have a water gun fight

2. Go camping on your trampoline

3. Spend the day at the park

4. Make a new summer recipe together

5. Have a morning run together

6. Go get ice cream

7. Build a pillow fort and have a movie day

8. Do an escape room

9. Go on a picnic painting date

10. Go to the aquarium

11. Have a night time hot tub date

12. Do a puzzle together on a rainy day

13. Have a backyard water day

14. Go bowling

15. Make a romantic dessert for two

16. Go fishing

17. Take a sunrise hike

18. Go to an outdoor concert

19. Have rooftop bar drinks

20. Do a DIY project together

21. Play tennis together

22. Go to a trampoline park

23. Go to a luxury restaurant

24. Have a rock climbing date

25. Have a couples game night

26. Make s’mores indoors

27. Spend time with each other’s families

28. Go happy hour hopping

29. Wine and chocolate tasting night

30. A bubble bath for two

31. Paint each other’s bodies

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Summer Bucket List Ideas: 123 Fun Summer Date Ideas for Couples - Francisca's Bridal (2)
Summer Bucket List Ideas: 123 Fun Summer Date Ideas for Couples - Francisca's Bridal (2024)


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