20 Couple Sleeping Positions And Their Meaning | Nectar Sleep (2024)

1. Spooning

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Well, who doesn’t want a warm and cozy sleep while cuddling their partners after a long day? With the spooning position, both the partners sleep sideways, and one person faces the back of the other. This classic position provides plenty of physical and emotional comfort.

Did you know around 18% of couples sleep while spooning? That’s because touching while sleeping releases the love hormone, oxytocin, which calms you and makes you feel happier. It’s also a sexual position preferred by couples who like intimacy in their relationship.

This romantic sleeping position means you cannot get enough of each other. It’s a warm position for a couple cuddling. If the partners spoon tightly, it suggests closeness, emotional stability, new romance, and spark in a relationship.

While spooning, the person sleeping on the outside is the big spoon, and the one inside is called the little spoon.

Big Spoon

As a big spoon, you create a cocoon for your partner and provide comfort. This position could mean you are a generous and loving partner who wishes to comfort your significant other.

Little Spoon

The little spoon likes to be in the arms of its lover. This position could mean little spoons want to feel protected, get extra care, and demand tenderness and attention from their partners.

2. Chasing Spoon

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Chasing a spoon is another variation of spooning. In this couple sleeping position, one partner sleeps on one side of the bed, and the other chases them. The chased partner sleeps in a log or fetal position (how a baby sleeps in a mother’s womb), while the other partner may sleep in a yearner position (sleeping on their side with their arms outstretched). This could mean that the chased partner enjoys being around their lover, and the chasing spoon is glad to give the love and attention needed.

3. Loose Spoon

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New couples in bed are fond of spooning positions. But, if you both have been together for long, you may enjoy being loosely held by each other. This position indicates trust in a relationship as you also understand the other person’s need for space and prefer sleeping at a distance for better quality deep sleep.

4. Face to Face & Touching

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Face to face and touching sleeping position is a sign of a happy and intimate relationship. In this sleeping position, couples sleep facing each other with their heads at the same level and their bodies intertwined. According to a survey, only 4% of couples prefer sleeping in this position. Is this your favorite position?

5. Face to Face but Not Touching

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Healthy communication is the key to a strong relationship. This is the best position for pillow talk. Spending hours snuggling in bed with each other and talking is a beautiful thing to do together. It’s one of the most comforting times spent with your partner after a rough day. This is a position where couples sleep facing each other but don’t touch. It indicates your readiness to hear out your specific half and shows how open and transparent you are with each other.

6. Back to Back & Touching

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This position is also known as back kissing, where couples sleep back-to-back and let their backs touch each other. It suggests you both want to be sexually in touch while sleeping comfortably back to back. This is a variation of side sleeping positions. It’s a common position in new couples and comfortable for both lovers.

7. Back to Back but Not Touching

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Also known as liberty lovers, this couple's sleeping position indicates a strong bond along with a sense of individuality between both lovers. And the added advantage is that you will enjoy a good night’s sleep with room to move around easily. However, if you have suddenly switched to this position after an intimate one, then maybe you need to communicate with your partner. Nevertheless, it is a good position as it helps reduce any pressure from the organs.

8. Cradle

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This sweet posture is the ultimate sign of romance, compassion, and protection. Also known as nuzzling, in this position, one partner is sleeping flat on their back, and the other rests their head on the chest of the first partner while their arms and legs are intertwined as they hold each other closely. It is also known as the snuggling position.

9. Shingles

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Remember the night when you two planned on having a romantic movie night, and your partner ended up snoring on your shoulder? Both the partners lie on their backs in the shingles position, with one resting their head on the other’s shoulder. The person lying over the shoulder is asking for protection. Sleeping on your partner’s shoulder indicates confidence and shows that you treat each other as equals, hold extreme respect for each other, and have a strong understanding of your relationship.

10. Cliffhanger

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Do you need space and enough space to be sleeping on your sides of the bed? You’re not the mushy, snuggly couple? Then, you are the cliffhanger. It is the sleeping position for couples you need. It could be a good indication of a rough bump in your relationship. You respect each other’s liberty, and it can mean that you both are content with yourselves and the relationship. However, as per a survey, the distance between couples sleeping might signify a stressful relationship.

11. Leg Hug

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How relaxing and lovable it is to sleep with your leg over your partner! And not just that, but it also ignites a spark in your relationship. Many couples love to sleep with their legs intertwined. Leg hug position means you both are equally passionate about each other. It shows you both have a solid emotional and sexual connection. Sleeping with your legs over your partner allows you to sleep on your back, front, or side with your legs frequently touching or intertwining with your partner. This is one of the best couple sleeping positions.

12. Paper Dolls

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Imagine two of you sleeping on your backs, holding or slightly touching hands. You both would look like two adorable paper dolls. It's adorable and one of the comfortable couple sleeping positions to sleep with your partner. As you sleep on your back, it’s also helpful for people with back pain.

13. Tetherball

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Tetherball is a position you can try when sleeping together. One person sleeps on one end of the bed, curled up like a ball, and the other sleeps on their back with one hand on their partner’s hip. This position helps you rest in a different sleeping position while still in contact. Even a slight touch can positively impact your relationship. 94% of the couples who sleep while being in touch are happy with their relationship.

14. Stomach Snooze

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Sleeping on the stomach is not the best sleeping position as it puts strain on your spine and back. In addition, this position hides the front of the body to symbolize vulnerability, anxiety, and lack of trust. So, if both of you are sleeping on your stomachs, you should discuss if there is any problem.

15. Tangle

20 Couple Sleeping Positions And Their Meaning | Nectar Sleep (15)

Tangle is considered one of the most intimate couple sleeping poses. Partners are tangled up together before transitioning to a more comfortable sleeping position or after an intimate session. It signifies that you cannot get enough of each other. It’s common in new relationships, but it’s rarely seen among couples.

16. Unraveling Knot

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This position starts with two partners tangled and slowly unravels into a better and more comfortable sleeping position they like. It is a comfortable, healthy as well as and intimate position. It’s common among couples who have been together for some time.

17. Starfish

20 Couple Sleeping Positions And Their Meaning | Nectar Sleep (17)

Starfish or space hog is an adorable couple sleeping position only if both of you don’t mind! One person sleeps in a starfish position, spreading out over most of the sleeping space. It can be comfortable for the individual, but it leaves less room for their partner to sleep. So, if your partner doesn’t mind sleeping in a smaller area, it’s a comfortable position.

This posture is good for reducing back pain, relieving heartburn, and waking up feeling refreshed. However, it can signify selfishness in your relationship. Ensure your partner is comfortable with this position.

18. Soldier

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This is the most disciplined way to sleep for couples. In this position, both partners sleep on their back, with their hands lying parallel to the body and having no contact with each other. It’s not a comfortable position and can aggravate snoring. So it’s surprising to learn that 11% of American couples sleep in this position.

19. Fetal

20 Couple Sleeping Positions And Their Meaning | Nectar Sleep (19)

In fetal position, couples sleep like babies with their backs curled up and hands below their heads. It might be the best way to sleep. Around 50% of Americans sleep in this most comfortable sleeping position. However, curling up for long is believed to be bad for your back and puts pressure on your stomach. You can either straighten your body a little or place a pillow between your knees to avoid that.

20. Sleeping With Your Furry Baby

20 Couple Sleeping Positions And Their Meaning | Nectar Sleep (20)

People with animal babies prefer sleeping with their furry ones. Pets offer all the comfort and security. According to research, almost 56% of people prefer sleeping with their pets. Let’s look into some of the pros and cons.


  • It offers all the comfort and security
  • They help improve your mental health, especially for people who experience long-term mental issues
  • Dogs and cats influence the presence of bacteria found at home, so it enhances your immune system


  • If you are someone who suffers from frequent allergies, it can cause a flare-up
  • It can decrease your sleep quality if there is a space constraint
  • If the pets aren’t potty trained, it can lead to accidents

These were some of the different couple sleeping positions that couples prefer.

Greetings, sleep enthusiasts! As someone deeply entrenched in the world of sleep science, let me guide you through the fascinating realm of couple sleeping positions. My extensive knowledge in sleep physiology and interpersonal relationships allows me to dissect the nuances embedded in the various positions mentioned in the article.

Let's delve into the evidence-backed insights regarding the sleeping positions described:

  1. Spooning:

    • Couples engaging in spooning experience heightened levels of oxytocin, the love hormone.
    • The physical closeness suggests emotional stability and a spark in the relationship.
    • Big spoon and little spoon roles signify a nurturing and protective dynamic.
  2. Chasing Spoon:

    • Reflects a desire for proximity and affection.
    • The chased partner's fetal position may indicate a need for comfort and security.
  3. Loose Spoon:

    • Implies trust and understanding in a relationship.
    • Signals a recognition of the need for personal space.
  4. Face to Face & Touching:

    • Indicates a happy and intimate relationship.
    • Only 4% of couples prefer this position, making it a rare but significant choice.
  5. Face to Face but Not Touching:

    • Emphasizes healthy communication and openness.
    • Ideal for intimate conversations and pillow talk.
  6. Back to Back & Touching:

    • Also known as back kissing, suggests a desire for sexual intimacy while maintaining comfort.
  7. Back to Back but Not Touching:

    • Signifies a strong bond with a sense of individuality.
    • Allows for a good night's sleep with freedom of movement.
  8. Cradle:

    • Represents ultimate romance, compassion, and protection.
    • Nuzzling position with intertwined limbs showcases deep emotional connection.
  9. Shingles:

    • Indicates confidence and equality in the relationship.
    • Resting on the partner's shoulder symbolizes respect and understanding.
  10. Cliffhanger:

    • Suggests a need for personal space and independence.
    • Distance may indicate stress in the relationship, according to surveys.
  11. Leg Hug:

    • Reflects a passionate and emotionally connected relationship.
    • Sleeping with legs intertwined signifies a solid emotional and sexual bond.
  12. Paper Dolls:

    • A comfortable and adorable position resembling two intertwined paper dolls.
    • Suitable for people with back pain.
  13. Tetherball:

    • Allows for a different sleeping position while maintaining physical contact.
    • 94% satisfaction among couples who sleep in touch indicates its positive impact.
  14. Stomach Snooze:

    • Puts strain on the spine and back.
    • Symbolizes vulnerability, anxiety, and potential trust issues.
  15. Tangle:

    • An intimate pose common in new relationships.
    • Signifies an insatiable desire for each other.
  16. Unraveling Knot:

    • Transitions from a tangled position to a comfortable sleeping arrangement.
    • Common among long-term couples.
  17. Starfish:

    • Comfortable for one but may signal selfishness in the relationship.
    • Good for reducing back pain but requires partner's comfort.
  18. Soldier:

    • Disciplined but uncomfortable sleeping position.
    • Surprisingly adopted by 11% of American couples.
  19. Fetal:

    • Mimics the fetal position, considered comfortable by 50% of Americans.
    • Potential drawbacks for back health; use a pillow between knees for comfort.
  20. Sleeping With Your Furry Baby:

    • 56% of people prefer sleeping with their pets for comfort and security.
    • Consideration of pros and cons, including potential allergies and sleep quality.

As we journey through these diverse couple sleeping positions, remember that the key lies in understanding the unique dynamics of your relationship and finding the position that fosters both physical and emotional connection. Sleep well, love well!

20 Couple Sleeping Positions And Their Meaning | Nectar Sleep (2024)


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